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Analysis - Strategy - Success.

NAFE CONSULTANTS helps small to medium-sized companies as well as startups crossing the bridge from today to the point of capturing asset value by leading through a stable process of analyzing, planning, implementing and offering post deal maintenance.


We provide consultancy, services and interim management on financial topics.


We provide you with advisory services and help you on financial topics. If required, we support you with experienced interim management. Creating a higher efficient transparency is our key to help you to control your business units or company. Finance means for us to establish an adequate controlling for your organization and/or customize your existing controlling system. For any kind of deals (license deal, M&A…) we offer a deal structuring strategy.

Cost saving programs will help optimizing your profitability.


As a specialized and efficient service provider, it is our drive to ultimately become your valued business partner. Outsourcing your controlling means reducing and controlling operating costs, gaining access to world-class capabilities and freeing your internal resources for other purposes. We are experienced experts in management reporting. To provide you with this financial intelligence support it will help to make confident decisions for the growth of your company. Just-in-time analyses and assistance in your daily controlling is our service as well as supporting you in your planning process.


Together with you, we work out specific competitive advantages of your business and help you focus on the value drivers while we are reducing the complexity in your organization.

Planning organizational changes carefully is paramount to improvements and success.


Investors will be looking for
a variety of exit opportunities. Complex and demanding transactions need clear and stable processes. With our proactive and hands-on
approach linked to a strong project management and a deep understanding of operational issues, we are perfectly prepared addressing your exit plans.


Access to cross functionally associated partners with scientific, commercial, financial, transactional, legal and IP expertise strengthen and expand our portfolio. Our experience is our strength.

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